Weekend Project - Likes are not Stories / by Chris Shaffer

This was a weekend side project which I hope will net save me time in the long run... If nothing else, it was at least fun.

Do you feel as if you need to keep up on social media, but some of the items in your feed are inane? Sometimes it's because your friends share lame stuff - you can unfollow those - but sometimes it isn't their fault.
"Sara liked this political thing that someone you never met posted." Oh, really? Maybe if Sara wanted me to see that, she would have shared it herself.
"A stranger wrote on another stranger's wall and John reacted to it." I like John, but why does this get equal billing with stuff he actually *wants* me to see?
This extension removes any 'X liked Y' or 'X reacted to Y' posts from your news feed, so you can waste a little less time keeping up with your friends' lives.

On the Chrome web store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/likes-are-not-stories/pbnfaaobfjjbjodongekibfbgdlmdbmh