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A leader in technology and business, hands-on and at the front lines. We aim to be the team that goes in first, assesses the situation, explores the options, finds and clears a path for everyone else.

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Scout Corps helped us scale out and standardize our cloud infrastructure and processes. Their work was also instrumental in discovering and tackling bottlenecks in code before they became obstacles to growth. We’ve quadrupled our client base since then, and have a fraction as many 2am emergencies.
I've worked in financial services for almost 15 years, at companies large and small, and the technology Chris and his team built in just a few months was more advanced than most of the systems I've seen in use. Chris had an ability to anticipate business needs and have a solution in the works before anyone even brought it up. His software was reliable, flexible and always pleased our customers.
Scout Corps helped set up our automated testing, and a CI pipeline that even included our databases – saving countless engineer-hours of deployment and troubleshooting. We were impressed that work of that magnitude could be done with so little disruption – no downtime, no code rewrites on our part, and plugged into our existing hardware.
Chris's approach is synonymous with efficiency, from almost every aspect. From inception and architecture, to deployment and instituting processes for continuous improvement, Chris takes in the landscape and maps out the entire path to get whatever needs to get done, and puts technology and products in a position to evolve with the needs of the business simply and effectively.