We're frequently looking for talent: either for clients looking to build or expand their full-time team, part-time assistance or special expertise on a short-term project, or a transitional role that fills the gap.

We prefer to think less in terms of "we have X positions to fill with developers familiar with Y language" and more in terms of "I have a problem, who do I know that could help me solve it?" Desired skills typically include (but are not limited to) Software Engineering, DevOps, Infrastructure/Network/Sysadmin, Security... or tech-adjacent roles that can provide an on-ramp into the industry (data entry, content analysis, support, entry-level web design, etc.)

Most opportunities tend to be based in New York City, but some can be remote-flexible. If you're looking for your next gig, want to broaden the horizons of your knowledge and experience, or if we've met at an event and you just want to chat about careers, get in touch.

Send a resume to along with a short description of who you are, what you bring to the table, what sorts of things you're interested in learning, and where you'd like your career to progress next. Please, no recruiters, aggregators, robots, or people who act like robots.