We strive to improve upon the typical consulting model

Our goal is not simply to have a transactional dollars-for-code relationship, but to leave your business with stronger and more sustainable technology capabilities than we found it.

You should be left not only with a finished product, but your own organizational know-how to maintain and build upon that product. What does "finished" even mean in today's business landscape? A business that's not innovating or evolving is probably dead.

We want to plan our own obsolescence

Typical consultants come with a myriad of problems — they might leave you with something you're unable to maintain, require expensive re-engagements or even re-writes, and encourage dependence. We prefer our engagements to also provide a scalable architecture, policies and procedures, and management structures. We look beyond just a single project-based solution, including toward the hiring and training of the next generation.

Your transitional CTO

Hiring technical staff and finding technical co-founders is hard; knowing if they're doing a good job is even harder; replacing them if they're not performing can become near-impossible. A lot of companies, in a desperate scramble to hire someone to hit that deadline three months from now, either enter into a big commitment that later turns out to be a mistake, or put off the decision to build something correctly from the start. Let us buy you the time to comfortably make the right decision for your business.

What we aren't

We are not a staffing firm that collects payments in order to help meet a headcount quota; we don't believe "number of filled chairs" by itself is a metric for success. We do not measure productivity by the number of lines of code typed; "work" in a mechanical sense doesn't translate to accomplishing anything. We will not seek to make ourselves irreplaceable. We are not the generic "lowest bidder."

If you're 110% sure you know exactly what you need, can package it into a well-defined project, get your deliverable, and never talk to that person again — you don't need us. But if you plan on technology being one of your core business functions, don't just outsource it.

Disruption is overrated; rapid incremental progress is possible

Early-Stage Startups:

Build the MVP, Technology Architecture, and Roadmap that will let your business successfully raise capital, while simultaneously building the know-how to effectively deploy a full-time team.

Mid-Size Companies:

Launch and manage a new project. Reform a broken DevOps system. Address scalability issues. Gain a broader perspective on your strategy or an alternative solution to an arcane technical issue.

Established Businesses:

Gain fresh insight and inject new ways of thinking into your day-to-day. Leverage an experience set that spans and successfully melds the oldest and most established methods with the freshest and most innovative.

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